This is just a little blog about Tom's current activity

Blog (Details not included) Edit

April 9, 2010 - Wiki Created
Finally, my friend got wiki created. Looks like I have now much work, but... I ASKED IT BY YOURSELF! Why did I ask so   
troublesome thing?
April 10, 2010 - Father's Birthday
Today's my father's birhtday! He hosts party at countryside! Well, that's too troublesome, so I DON'T CARE!
April 11, 2010 - Grandma's Phone Call
Got a phone call from my grandma... those 2 minutes were THE LONGEST! Today I have to use Katty's path again! Those 30 
April 12, 2010 - "5"
Uh, I got "5" again in mathematics! It's not like I don't like it, I don't like the fact that after this I'm 
being MORE ignored. But I don't care...
PS! "The-one-who-doesn't-hate-her-grandma", I should change poll to "do you hate my grandma"... And I'm pretty 
sure, you are not human..!
UPDATE: Katty is at Grandma's for week... uh... HOORAY!!!!!!
April 13, 2010 - A Life Without Katty
How good is life without Katty!! Hair isn't falling off, underwear isn't pink, homeworks aren't getting lost, Parents 
have no reason to think that in my path is wolphin, NOBODY is reading my diary. It's kinda... boring...
UPDATE: PS! So "somebody" cares about his fathers birthday? Why don't you organize your father's birthday 
Parents cleaned up my room!!! They don't want to know what I will do with theirs, BUT I want them to know...
April 14, 2010 - In The Hell
Alright, I'm actually getting into hell! My life is so boring without Katty! I miss my old life. Maybe, should I give her 
a visit... What am I saying?
UPDATE: Revenge On My Parents 2: I stole all their (my) food!
April 15, 2010 - When My Famous Bad Luck Steps Out...
On my way to Grandma's (to see my sister, Katty?!?!) I ran into Grandma herself! And the first thing she said to his 
little grandchild was... "Did you bring your broccoli along?"! Now I'm regretting to have such a stupid quest... NO, 
April 16, 2010 - Meeting
When we reached Grandma's house (and when I was full of broccoli) I finally saw Katty. She was even happy to see me - I 
bet her first thought was: "Now I finally can make some pranks!"
April 17, 2010 - Secreat Revealed!
Got a phone call from Parents! They discovered my secret about Nutheaddy (by reading my diary!! I hate them!!). So I need 
to go back to home and fool them so much as I can!
UPDATE: Wait, they said something about real-life show about us? Huh, I'm not fool enough to believe in this, in my 
April 18, 2010 - Fooling Parents
Okay, I'm home. And Parents really did discover my secret and even break-in to my pathroom (why didn't they do it 
before???)! When I stated that he escaped from zoo and hide in my path, without me knowing it, they asked if zoo will 
come after him. They went away "dealing with it"! I won some time to think of next lie!
UPDATE: Nutheaddy escaping my path solves problem, on my side. His side is gonna be, still, troublesome!
PS! What about this "real-life show about us"?
April 19, 2010 - Conscience (The First...)
Well, I do hate Nutheaddy from some point. But from some point, I have to save him too! Parents are already fooled and 
are having a call with zoo, Katty is busy with something... If that's not the change to went searching for him, then 
there's no changes at all!
April 20, 2010 - Unsuccesful Start of The Searching
Well, I have no idea where to go to find that stupid Nutheaddy!! At least there's a bright side...Actually, there isn't! 
IS THIS ALEX?? Ohh... Nothing. I said nothing, Alex.
UPDATE - Parents called me. AGAIN about this "real-life show about us". They won't shut up, do they? And I'm busy 
with pretending being charming!
April 21, 2010 - A Question
Alright, like always, Alex got away (when I was talking with Parents)! Hmm... Why am I outside at all? Wait, what? 
with Alex! You have proof? Oh, come on then!
UPDATE: Parents are having a call. It's my chance to run away as I remembered - I'm out for searching for Nutheaddy!
April 22, 2010 - Unsuccesful End of The Searching
Parents found me and told me that zoo-workers couldn't find Nutheaddy. This means I can't too! And much about proof - on 
TelevisionWorld was no such a show as "real-life show about us" - I said that was a lie! but for what?
April 23, 2010 - "Affair"?
I heard Katty had a fight (With Alex???). I should ask Alex about this!
Arpil 24, 2010 - Liking
Alex said that she had a fight with Katty because she said that I like her. Well, I had to pretend of negative, 
accidentaly, making each other enemies! Anyway, I have to ask Katty about this. I mean, about "how does she know WHO I 
UPDATE: I heard of Pet Show. Do you think I should use Kitty to go to Pet Show and win? I know you didn't say it, 
but I get thoughts by this!
April 25, 2010 - A Lie?
Katty says that Alex thought that out, in order to get proof about me liking her and thinks that she got this. Well, it's 
not very important right now anyway. I have to catch that Kitty to go to Pet Show!
April 26, 2010 - Ohhoo!
Katty's going to help me catch Kitty??? So, maybe she's a human then. And looks like this Kitty likes food... Anyway, 
Kitty is caught, so I can go to Pet Show!
April 27, 2010 - So Much About Luckiness...
Alright, why do I have to meet here, at the Pet Show, my GRANDMA??! NO, I DON'T WANT BROCCOLI, GRANDMA!! Anyway, she says 
she's searching for wolphin. And there's no many wolphins in town... I don't care about Kitty (who went away with Cat), I 
want to find my real pet ("pet")!
April 28, 2010 - Reunion
So, I found him. But Stupid Children and Punk (and Grandma...) still are disturbing me, while I need to take part of Pet 
Show. I gave Kitty and Cat to Stupid Children, but what about Punk? I gave him Grandma. So, every disturber is now 
distracted. Pet Show, here I come!

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