List of all characters in this wiki!

Thomson "Tom" Gveentex - This wikis main/title character!

Katharine "Katty" Gveentex - Tom's sister

Jackson and Silly "Parents" Gveentex - Tom's and Katty's parents

"Nutheaddy" the wolphin - Tom's "pet"

Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex - Tom's and Katty's grandma

Michael "Doctor" Whiteson - A doctor of Grandma's area's hospital

"Kitty" the kitty - Gveentexs' area's lovely kitty

Trevor "Pizzaman" Treckster - Gveentexs' area's pizzeria's employee

Chanson "Punk" Yellowstone - Gveentexs' area's sluggard

Alexandra "Alex" Brightentree - Girl from Tom's school, in who Tom has some kind of interested

Matt and Nigel "Stupid Children" Trenton - Little children of Grandma's area, bullying Grandma

"Cat" the cat - Stupid Children's former-pet, who likes Kitty

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