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Hey you... Don't say to anybody, but... I have one wolphin in my bath! I mean, in my family everybody have your own path... Anyway, you want to know how did I get it? Well, it's all started with my family's tour to Hawaii. You know, I didn't really wanted to be there at all. Anyway, we visited (OR I had to visit) Tea Rife Park (or something like that), where I saw, for the first time, wolphin! And I fell asleep... Anyway, I had a bet with my sister, Katty, that I wouldn't be able to steal that wolphin... I was succesful in stealing wolphin - I hate to lose bets ( my sister)! I won the bet, and Katty had to cut her hair, what was VERY long! Anyway then I had to carry this wolphin with me in my suitcase... When I was home (...You don't want to imagine, how this wolphin looked) Katty started trying to disclose my SECRET (to my parents)! I had to hide wolphin in MY path and lock the door from the INSIDE and JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW! NOW, I have to use KATTY'S PATH!! I REALLY had to hide this wolphin in Katty's Path! ... That Park wasn't Tea Rife possibly, then what was it ... KATTY YOU HAD TO CUT YOUR HAIR LONG AGO! ... Don't say anything about THIS again, KATTY! ...

UPDATE: Uh, I was able to save me this time too... Anyway, about 'buying' stuff... I don't want to buy ANY wolphin, especially MY wolphin, Nutheaddy!! PS: You can buy my wolphin in any moment, FREE!!


2. Answer Edit

As The Head of Tom Gveentex Wiki (YES, THAT'S ME, SPONGEWRITER123, NOT YOU!) I keep making blog of mine... and that's very hard job, you know, compared to SpongeWriter123's all this editing stuff. I mean, I send my blog to SpongeWriter123, and he edits it here! Who wants that kind of job??? He can't do anything without his computer... so, once, I tried to destroy his computer (NOTHING. I SAID NOTHING, SPONGEWRITER123) but he was able to fix it and didn't even suspect me! Anyway, although it's SO troublesome job, I enjoy being the "boss" in this wiki... AND THIS TIME I WANT YOU TO HEAR ME, SPONGEWRITER123!!

UPDATE: There's nothing better than a good argument! (*SpongeWriter123 comes and says: "Even if it's made up for content?"*) FROM WHERE WOULD WE GET IT THEN?!


3. Answer Edit

Bah, those cats are so mean! Always pretending to be kind and lovely, while, when we don't look at them, are stealing all our food. Even, that kitty who is wandering around our house, is actually a CAT, who steals our food. Well, that's what I lied to Parents, while I stole their food. Actually, I love cats. They are so kind and lovely, and never eat too much... But dogs are worse than 50 "mean-cats"! Or are they...

UPDATE: I just saw how "kind-cat" stole our food. LIE LIE.


4. Answer Edit

WHAT? No joke??

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