Thomson "Tom" Gveentex
General Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: Decemeber 31, 1996
Address: Greenyard Street, 5
Occupation(s): Student, "The Head of Tom Gveentex Wiki" ("T.H.T.G.W.")
Aliases: Nobody, he's ALL alone
Family & Friends
Family: Jackson and Siluyana "Parents" Gveentex (Parents), Katharine "Katty" Gveentex (Sister), Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex (Grandma)
Friends: Never had any
Pet(s): "Nutheaddy" the wolphin
Enemies: Katharine "Katty" Gveentex, Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex
Other Informations
Interests: Singing, reading, winning bets over Katty
Education: 7th grade
Awards: The Best Student 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009! (Soon, I'll have to remove things from my room to keep all of them!)

Thomson "Tom" Gveentex is a teenager, this wikis main/title character.

About Edit

Tom is very smart, getting good grades at school. He is ignored in school though. When I met him he already had a plan to answer any questions in this wiki, being main character. Through our work I learned that he is very lazy, but have a good sense of humor! He has a pet wolphin, Nutheaddy (in some kind of way), who he have to hide from his parents in his path, so he have to use Katty's path! Katty is Tom's sister, the baddest THING in the world! Grandma is brainless and Parents are unintelligible! He is ready to answer any kind of questions about his life or dreams, in any moment!

Interests (Not romantics) Edit

Tom likes being himself, though always holds his feelings back. He likes reading books and singing in choir, but it's too troublesome for him lately! He likes to win bets (over Katty) and to win over Katty's plans!

Girls (or Chatty Trespassers) Edit

Well, there's some girls after Tom, but he trys to ignore them, in the same time, making some popularity with other boys! He appoints romanticism as troublesome pointlessness!

Quotes (The weirdests) Edit

"I don't care about girls!"

"Who you think you are to say such a things?!"(In daydreams)

"This work is so troublesome!"

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