Jackson and Siluyana "Parents" Gveentex
General Information
Gender: Male; Female
Eye Color: Brown; Blue
Birthday: April 10, 1980; May 13, 1980
Address: Greenyard Street, 5
Occupation(s): Father; Mother
Aliases: Each other, Tom, Katty and Grandma
Family & Friends
Family: Thomson "Tom" Gveentex (son), Katharine "Katty" Gveentex (daughter), Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex (wife's mother; mother)
Friends: Grandma and "Friends"
Pet(s): each other
Enemies: Only "Friends" (almost)
Other Informations
Interests: learing what is "love"
Education: 5 grades complete
Awards: "The unlovest pair!"

Jackson and Siluyana "Parents" Gveentex are Tom's and Katty's parents, this wikis minor characters.

About Edit

Parents are very unintelligible, they don't even get that there's a wolphin in Tom's bath, altough Katty has told them numerous times! Their personalitys came from Grandma! How are they understanding the fact of their role in this wiki at all?

Interests (If they had any) Edit

They like doing nothing, as well as not-working at all!

Girls or Boys? (Males or Females?) Edit

They already have each other, but don't know how to love though!

Quotes (Are they sure?) Edit

"We're gonna do nothing today!"

"What is work?"

"Katty, your imagination is too big to your sayings to be true."

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