"Nutheaddy" the wolphin
General Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: July 13, 1980
Address: Greenyard Street, 5
Occupation(s): Fish
Aliases: Nobody
Family & Friends
Family: Doesn't remember "I saw something like that at 4!"
Friends: Only enemies
Pet(s): Is a "pet"
Enemies: Thomson "Tom" Gveentex
Other Informations
Interests: wishing to be free, swimming
Education: 1 grade of 'how to be a fish school' complete
Awards: 'Award of having no awards'

"Nutheaddy" the wolphin is a Tom's "pet", this wikis minor character.

About Edit

Nutheaddy is very selfish (or sel-FISH (or sell the fish (as Tom said))). He's locked in Tom's path forever. He is from Hawaii, Sea Life Park (or Tea Rife Park (as Tom said)), but was stealed from there by Tom! He's often being tryed to be disclosed by Tom's sister, but at the moment he's not revealed. Still, somehow, there was a computer, so he can answer your questions!

Interests (there's only wishes) Edit

He would have them, if he wouldn't be locked in Tom's bath! He wishes to get out of there and get revenge over Tom!

Girls (or Female-wolphins) Edit

Well, there's no one in Tom's bathroom, so there's no girls in his life!

Quotes (or "Huh"s") Edit

Well, it's not like you would understand any of them!

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