Katharine "Katty" Gveentex
General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: April 1, 1997
Address: Greenyard Street, 5
Occupation(s): Student, prankster
Aliases: "School-friends"
Family & Friends
Family: Jackson and Siluyana "Parents" Gveentex (Parents), Thomson "Tom" Gveentex (Brother), Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex (Grandma)
Friends: "School-friends"
Pet(s): "Toy" - Tom
Enemies: Thomson "Tom" Gveentex
Other Informations
Interests: Winning bets over Tom, making pranks
Education: 6th grade
Awards: The Best Prankster 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009! (There's nothing to be suprised about...)

Katharine "Katty" Gveentex is a teenager, Tom's sister, this wikis minor character.

About Edit

Katty is so "foxy trespasser", always bugging Tom and trying to make his life into "hell"! Even about wolphin, Nutheaddy, Katty tries as hard as she can to disclose this secret to parents! Even asking her to take part of this wiki was so troublesome (as Tom said)! But now she is taking part (on a condition that Tom became a "slave"!) and is answering your questions!

Interests (Not usuals) Edit

Katty's favourite thing is to create troubles for Tom! And actually, there's no other thing, what Katty likes as much as this! Her un-interest is the fact that Tom uses her path!

Boys (or Monkeys (as Katty said)) Edit

With manners and personality like this, only real "monkeys" would fall in love with HER!!

Quotes (The most common ones) Edit

"Dad, mom, Tom has a wolphin in his path!"

"That piece is MINE... as well as this... and this... Well, all food is MINE!"

"Well, is your life hell already? I had to work more!"

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