Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex
General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: August 14, 1940
Address: Stupead Farm
Occupation(s): Pensioner
Aliases: Life
Family & Friends
Family: Jackson and Siluyana "Parents" Gveentex (Daughter's Husband and daughter), Thomson "Tom" Gveentex (Granchild), Katharine "Katty" Gveentex (Granchild)
Friends: "Ghosts"
Pet(s): TV
Enemies: She has olny "friends"
Other Informations
Interests: watching TV, making good health for Tom
Education: 5 grades complete
Awards: "They are at the dumpster"

Juliana "Grandma" Gveentex is a elder, Tom's and Katty's grandma, this wikis minor character.

About Edit

Grandma is actually very brainless (as Tom said)! She has a obsession with good health, especially when it comes to Tom! Tom really hates her! She can talk 2 minutes into 2 hours! Tom's parents' unintelligible comes from her! She can be anger too! And she forgets alot of things! Even to create blog postings!

Interests (if she haven't forgotted them already) Edit

Her interest is to make good health for Tom. This is why everybody hates her!

Boys ("Who are they?") Edit

Grandma has forgetted all of them!

Quotes (The oldest) Edit

"Eat broccoli!!"

"You haven't phoned me in 1 day already!!"

"What did I say?"

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